5 Ways to Impress Your Attendees

We know that your goal as a meeting planner is to ensure that your attendees leave your event not merely satisfied, but thoroughly impressed. So what is it that makes an event so memorable that your attendees can’t help but walk away thinking “Wow, now that was a cool event!”? Here are five ideas that are sure to make your next event stand out:

1. Use Interactive Technology

Tint Interactive Technology

Create social hubs and engage your audience with interactive technology such as Tint

We all want to capture the attention of our attendees, but how can you take it to the next level and encourage them to participate? Interactive technology is one of the best ways to engage audiences, and create an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Interactive apps and games encourage your attendees to create, ask questions, share ideas, and have fun. A few great examples of new technology are Tint, Poll Everywhere, Instaprint, and video projection mapping.


2. Brand the Building


An elevator at Meydenbauer Center wrapped to brand the building for a convention

Creative branding will keep your message at the top of attendee’s minds, and make them feel like VIPs too. Hang banners outside to greet conference goers. Help them find their way from break-outs to the exhibit hall with unique directional signage. Wrap the elevators with a big image or print your logo on the coffee sleeves. All of these touches will extend your message and make your conference memorable.


3. Themed Menus

Sushi Snocone

“Sushi Snow Cones” add a fun, creative twist to the menu for an event at Meydenbauer Center

Satisfy your attendees’ appetites for experience by engaging the senses. One of the best ways to do so is with your food and beverage. Choose a menu that supports your event theme or adds an exciting twist; this will reinforce your message and create a lasting memory. Planning a circus themed event? Serve classic finger foods with a creative twist, like gourmet flavored popcorn or cotton candy. Ensure guests have a roaring good time at your 1920’s themed gala by mixing up a signature cocktail representative of the speakeasy era. If you don’t see a menu item that meets your needs, your caterer will gladly get creative and put some custom menu options together for you – let them work their magic!


4. Custom Lighting

Center Hall Luncheon YWCA 2013-3

A combination of colored up-lighting and gobos brightens up a luncheon at Meydenbauer Center

Skip the linen and spend your décor budget on lighting. Lighting can create an ambiance and transform a space. Using the same room for multiple functions? Change the scenery with just a few quick adjustments. Set the mood with a flood of colored up-lighting or use custom gobos to add texture and company branding. Let your expert audio visual techs help create a custom lighting package for a big wow factor.


5. Event Wi-Fi


Purchasing event wi-fi keeps your attendees happy and encourages engagement

Don’t skimp on Wi-Fi! Purchasing event WiFi is worth it for your attendees and exhibitors. Providing fast, reliable internet for your attendees encourages engagement and ensures that they won’t leave the conference to go check their email or post to social media. It’s a big draw for your exhibitors and shows that you understand and cater to their needs.



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Meydenbauer Partners with Storefronts Program to Display Local Art

Bellevue Storefronts exhibit

Flaneur Reflections / Seattle artist Paul E McKee photographed and sketched the reflections present in Downtown Bellevue and made two constructions based on those studies.

This month, we invite you to stroll up NE 6th Street by Meydenbauer Center to enjoy some amazing art on display that was created by artists right here in Washington State. From Oct. 6-Dec. 31, Meydenbauer will be partnering with an innovative arts program called Storefronts to display works of art in its windows for the public to enjoy free of charge.

This round of installations features Seattle artist Paul E McKee and Vancouver, Washington, artist K. C. Madsen. While you can enjoy the work of these artists at Meydenbauer Center right now, keep your eye out for additional installations in Bellevue in the future. For example, Storefronts installations have also been displayed at Bellevue City Hall and other city sites in the past.

“Storefronts is very excited to partner with Meydenbauer Center and the City of Bellevue Arts Program to promote the cultural vitality of the City of Bellevue. This is a wonderful opportunity to show Washington state artists to a wider audience on the Eastside and support vibrant street activations in this central location,” said Storefronts Manager Annie Blackburn.

About the Storefronts Program

Storefronts Exhibit Bellevue

Tide / Karen Madsen, a Vancouver, WA, artist who works in ceramic and mixed media, created two highly textural mixed-media works existing as separate pieces in each window. These are wall mounted pieces that have both sculptural form and painterly surfaces, like a painting that has been crushed.

The goal of the Storefronts program is to activate communities, neighborhoods and streets by matching artists and pop-up creative enterprises with vacant or under-utilized retail space. Storefronts is presented by the City of Bellevue Arts Program, which is dedicated to enlivening Bellevue as the cultural hub of the Eastside. The Storefronts program itself is managed by Shunpike — a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Washington State independent artists and the communities they call home.

Mary Pat Byrne from the City of Bellevue Arts Program recruited Meydenbauer Center for its highly visible display windows facing NE 6th St. in Downtown Bellevue.

When Did The Storefronts Program Begin?

Elements / Karen Madsen, a Vancouver, WA, artist who works in ceramic and mixed media, created two highly textural mixed-media works existing as separate pieces in each window. These are wall mounted pieces that have both sculptural form and painterly surfaces, like a painting that has been crushed.

Elements / Karen Madsen, a Vancouver, WA, artist who works in ceramic and mixed media, created two highly textural mixed-media works existing as separate pieces in each window. These are wall mounted pieces that have both sculptural form and painterly surfaces, like a painting that has been crushed.

The Storefronts program began in early 2010, when members of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International districts sought solutions for the growing number of vacant storefronts in the area. Seeing opportunity in these vacant spaces in Seattle’s historic arts district, the program was initiated to provide temporary, rent-free display spaces for local artists, revitalize blank windows and empty storefronts, and ensure foot traffic, attention, and maintenance to these neighborhoods.

Since 2010, the Storefronts program has activated spaces in Auburn, Bellevue, Mount Vernon, and six Seattle neighborhoods including Belltown, Capitol Hill, the International District, Pioneer Square, South Lake Union, and the Waterfront. Bellevue became a program partner in late 2012.

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Give Your Attendees a Global Tasting Experience with this Exciting Twist on Food Service

Your guests will enjoy the black bean and corn empanadas and fennel-cabbage slaw.

Take your taste buds on a world tour with our new “Globe Trotter” reception package. The menu is comprised of five globally-themed stations representing different corners of the world including, the Pacific Rim, Latin America, the Mediterranean, Germany, and North America.

So how does it work?

Each station embodies one of the themes and features multiple small plates and tasting portions representative of regional favorites. This setup allows guests to try a variety of dishes from different regions, lending to a global tasting experience that keeps the food fresh, fun and vibrant. You may want to choose two or three themes, or serve all five!

What’s on the menu?

Browse through the slider below to see each of the stations in action and learn about the regional cuisine included in the package.


More than just food.

“Guests tend to get bored with traditional convention and banquet services, so we decided to create a food and beverage option that is truly an experience for event attendees,” said Aaron Shook, Food and Beverage Manager at Meydenbauer Center.

Serving the Globe Trotter menu at your event is the perfect way to break away from the standard and add an exciting twist to your next event. The creative approach fuels an interactive atmosphere and will be a fun experience that guests will remember long after your event is over.

The full Globe Trotter package is intended to be used in place of a meal service and works best for longer, informal receptions or parties where a formal meal is not needed.

Click here to learn more about the Globe Trotter package and Meydenbauer Center’s other catering options. To speak directly with a guest services manager, give us a call at 425-450-3723 or send an email to sales@meydenbauer.com.

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