Convention Space for Connectivity

Photos Courtesy of PSAMA. Permission to use.

As a convention center located in Bellevue, home to many of the Seattle area’s tech giants, Meydenbauer Center gets a fascinating glimpse into the latest ways companies, meeting attendees, and their planners are looking at creating collaborative work spaces. During a conference we see Microsoft, Expedia and Boeing employees pulling their chairs together to create impromptu circles in the center hall lobby, or students gathered comfortably leaning against the hallway railings preparing for their DECA competitions. Tech office trends, socially-minded millennials and the challenge to make ideas stick in an increasingly data-cluttered world are driving planners to design their programs differently.

Here are some of the ways Meydenbauer Center can help you create the dynamic, connected environment that today’s meeting attendees are looking for.

1. Flexible Breakout Spaces: No one wants to stay seated in same place in the same position all day. Give attendees ample opportunities to stretch their legs, get comfortable, and interact with their peers. The lobbies adjacent to both Meydenbauer’s Center Hall and primary meeting rooms are equipped with seats that serve both as stylish lounge furniture and swiveling office chairs. “We noticed lounge seating has become part of the meeting. Sometimes, people don’t want to just sit at tables,” says Workspring marketing coordinator Lisa Wright in a BizBash article.

IMG_3308 Edited

The flexible seating and abundance of natural light that fill each of these common spaces make them natural hubs of activity around the building. These areas lend themselves perfectly to an intimate workshop, breakout session, or informal networking space. Bring in a couple of whiteboards or even bean bag chairs and watch the ideas abound!

2. Internet Powered Connections: The rise of the Internet and social media has given organizations a powerful way to connect with attendees before, during and after an event. You can build excitement pre-event, respond to and amplify attendees’ own posts during an event, and continue the conversation post-event. Using Meydenbauer Center’s robust wireless network, up to 1,000 users may tweet, share content and exchange information on site. That means you can have 1,000 of your own event ambassadors sharing their experience with their own hundreds of thousands of followers!

IMG_3320 Crop

Curate attendee posts by introducing a hashtag for your event and remind people to use it! This could be as simple as making an announcement and posting your social media account handles and event hashtags around the convention center on banners, elevator signage, and window clings.

Don’t forget to continue the learning experience via social media, mobile friendly event websites and other online applications after an event has passed. Michelle Russell, Editor in Chief at Convene said in a recent article that, “The one-and-done model has serious shortcomings when it comes to making what we learn at a conference stick when we’re back at our jobs. We need reminders and a way to continue the insightful conversations we had at the event in order to make positive changes in our work.”

3. Proximity to the City: Meetings are more and more closely-tied to the destinations in which they are held, and convention centers are looked to as a representation and an extension of the surrounding city. Meydenbauer Center does just that, ideally situated in the heart of the thriving Bellevue downtown. In a matter of minutes, meeting attendees can walk over to the neighboring Shops at the Bravern on the same block for some of the best shopping and fine dining on the West Coast, hop across the street for coffee, or head to Bellevue Square for hundreds of shopping options, unique restaurants and local nightlife. Meydenbauer Center’s destination marketing organization, Visit Bellevue Washington, can steer you toward museum and restaurant discounts, custom recommendations and visitor materials to make your attendees’ trip a memorable one.

Bellevue Skyline from East-Heston cropped

These are just the few of the ways that we help our clients foster connections at their meetings whether it be face-to-face, via online channels, or in our urban backyard. To learn more about our services, contact the Meydenbauer Center sales team at or 425-450-3723.

Photo Credits, Top to Bottom: Photos courtesy of PSAMA, Meydenbauer Center, and Visit Bellevue Washington.

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Meydenbauer Center’s 12.5 Million Renovation Complete

CH Lobby Landscape from 4N

Renovation = complete! After a $12.5 million renovation project including a summer under construction, an autumn season of final touches, and a winter of brand development, Meydenbauer Center is a space transformed. The many stakeholders who worked tirelessly to complete last summer’s renovation are excited to re-introduce Bellevue’s convention center as a premier meeting venue for the Greater Seattle area.

Originally built in 1993 as the second largest convention facility in the region with 54,000 square feet of meeting space, Meydenbauer Center has become a beloved and recognizable hub of activity conveniently located in Bellevue‘s diverse, tech-focused downtown. But however functional and well-regarded Meydenbauer Center may have been among the local community, last summer was the perfect time for a face-lift.

Level 2 lobby and escalators

One doesn’t have to look far to see that the conventions landscape is evolving. Meeting attendees don’t just expect to attend a series of workshops indoors. They want to explore the city, meet new people, have access to the latest technology, and be entertained while they’re at it. Brian Tennyson, principle of convention centers at LMN Architects in Seattle (the same firm that designed Meydenbauer Center’s renovation) says in a Collaborate Meetings article that ““People who are attending conferences today are a lot more discriminating. No one wants to sit in a box for eight hours anymore.” With planners eager to make their events stand out, convention centers are upgrading all over the country to become more flexible, creative, and connected to their surroundings.

Bellevue is also experiencing rapid growth, as Meydenbauer Center’s executive director Stacy Graven said in a recent press release. “Since Meydenbauer opened 23 years ago, Bellevue has developed into a vibrant urban city that is home to several major corporations and ambitious startups. Bellevue has attracted a number of top hotel properties that serve the corporate guest as well as leisure travelers seeking a safe, clean, modern and upscale experience. Meydenbauer Center’s recent renovation elevates the convention center’s interior and provides a new level of finishes and technology that is consistent with our hotel partners.”

CH Lobby from level 1 elevators

When you enter Meydenbauer Center today, you encounter warm colors, natural wood, creative lighting solutions and new technology. The inviting interior finishes not only remind locals of the welcoming community they belong to, but also give out of town guests a visual representation of the creative, thriving Pacific Northwest culture that surrounds them in Bellevue, Washington.

Floorplans slide 404-406 rounds-1

In terms of technological upgrades, the renovation puts Meydenbauer Center on the same playing field as the many boundary-pushing local companies and national conventions the building serves. Highlights include collaborative lobby seating arrangements, new digital signage, advanced audiovisual systems, custom lighting, and more.

As the Bellevue area continues to attract new businesses and events, we look forward to introducing visitors to a refreshed Meydenbauer Center with a sleek new look to match our innovative customer service and connection to the local community. Those interested in group business availability and rates can contact the Meydenbauer Center sales team at or 425-450-3723.

Photo Credits: Photos of Meydenbauer Center interiors courtesy of Jack Von Eberstein.

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Host a Business Launch at Meydenbauer Center

Business Launch

Planning a launch party can be a stressful event- there are so many details to consider. Tons of sites offer helpful hints, tips, and even spreadsheets on how to throw the best launch party, but what good is the planning without the perfect venue?

Meydenbauer Center has hosted thousands of events over the years, so why is it such a preferred spot and why should you throw your Business Launch party here? At Meydenbauer, we’ve got your bases covered. Many of the sites out there talk about the importance of finding the right space for your launch and we know that finding the perfect venue for a business launch allows everything else to fall into place.

Spaces Tailored to Your Needs

 Convention Center

With multiple floor plans available, Meydenbauer can be used for varying types of launches. Whether you’re looking for a space to dance the night away or a more educational setting, we can accommodate you. Our floorplans offer a variety of layouts that can be changed based on the event.

Our Center Hall Ballroom offers 36,000 square feet of column-free space that allows for ample creativity in designing your event’s space, or our meeting rooms allow for a more intimate gathering for groups ranging from 30-600 people. If you want to really put on a show our 410-seat theatre might be just the place. If you aren’t sure what space will best meet your needs, then feel free to ask us. We’ll be happy to give you ideas for layouts or show you examples of how the space has been used before.

One Stop Shopping

 Meydenbauer Business

 One of the best parts of planning a business launch with Meydenbauer is that you are assigned a Guest Services Manager who is there to help make things easier. Your Guest Services Manager is your point of contact for anything and everything. Have questions about audiovisual aspects? Looking for help with catering? Need Wi-Fi? Not sure about where to have trucks park for load-in? All these questions and more can be handled by your Guest Services Manager and with the help of our handy meeting planning resources. Our Guest Services Team knows exactly how hard it is to nail down to every last detail and they are happy to help.

Besides the Guest Services Team, we also have a number of services available to help simplify your planning. If your launch needs a great meal to accompany it, then our catering services are here to provide you with memorable menus to help make the launch pop. If you want to spice things up with a great audiovisual presentation, then we can help. We partner with AV Factory to help bring that extra pizazz to your launch. Our facilities offer great parking, wi-fi capabilities, great location and more!

If you’re planning that great business launch, then give us a call to discuss how we can help the party go off without a hitch. Our team is available to answer questions by phone (425) 450-3723 or e-mail,

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