Meydenbauer Center Catering – Spring Fresh Menu

Head chef Steven Banbury’s inspiration for the Spring Fresh menu is fresh ingredients with vibrant colors.  Local northwest ingredients are an absolute must, bringing freshness and excitement to our guests. He wants to craft visually stunning dishes that make your palate reach umami bliss with the first bite.

Baby Gem Salad

The northwest Caesar dressing is made with house smoked salmon instead of anchovies bringing a deep rich flavor. The sourdough crisps are thin shaved homemade sourdough lightly seasoned with sea salt to add a crunch. And, the key factor that really makes this salad stand apart: rich, creamy and decadent parmesan mousse.

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

The inspiration behind this platter was to showcase the bounty of color and life spring brings. After a grey winter, the fresh vibrant vegetables found on this platter will be sure to please.

Tomato Basil Soup

This rich and creamy tomato soup is deceiving and plays tricks on your palate. You would claim that there was cream in the soup, in actuality the creamy textures are coming from rice. This soup is perfect for our dairy-free and vegan guests.

Pan-seared Wild Salmon

What is more northwest than the wild Pacific salmon with its vibrant pink flesh cooked to perfection? The green papaya slaw brings, enlivens, and refreshes the palate. The mango relish lends a sweet note that ties the whole dish together.

Parmesan Crusted Halibut

This dish screams spring with its bright green spring pea puree and the vibrant reds of the fire blistered cherry tomatoes and piquillo peppers. The star of the show is the halibut with its buttery complexity and the crisp crunch of the parmesan crust, along with the underlining notes of citrus from the beurre blanc. The dish is finally topped with a seaweed and micro green salad.

Pink Peppercorn Crusted Strip Loin

The mild spice from the peppercorns plays against the sweet Japanese yams. The roasted spring asparagus and cipollini onions play a supporting role to the “melt in your mouth” strip loin. The dish is topped with a rich pinot noir demi and finished with crispy tobacco onions.

Lemon Rosemary Cake

This dessert is all about simplicity. Three flavors that stand alone but when combined create a beautiful harmony. Like the great Paul McCartney said, if you are using more than three chords you are trying too hard.

To view the full Spring Fresh lunch and dinner menus, click here. If you would like to learn all about Meydenbauer Center’s event catering services, click here.

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