Wireless Internet

Wireless Connectivity

Meydenbauer Center provides internet access service through the operation of wireless 802.11ac Smart Wi-Fi Access Points. The building-wide system provides several levels of connectivity for event management, exhibitors and attendees. Our wireless system is intended for checking emails, surfing the web and downloading small files. The system is not intended for business or presentation use.

You can select one of several options to meet the needs of you and your guests:

2nd Floor Hotspot (Complimentary)
Meydenbauer Center offers a small wireless hotspot on the Level 2 balcony. Please note that connectivity is limited to this area and includes access speeds up to 256 Kbps.

MC Show Management Wireless (Complimentary)
Meydenbauer Center offers two complimentary wireless connections at registration for every event. Each connection provides internet connectivity for two separate devices at speeds of up to 5 Mbps. Please note this service is limited to registration areas and is not intended for business or presentation use.

MC Get Wi-Fi (Attendee Purchased)
If your attendees require a wireless connection inside the meeting room or in the adjoining lobby space, they have the opportunity to purchase their own connection on site. Their device will stay connected for 24 consecutive hours with access speeds up to 5 Mbps.

MC Dedicated Event Wireless (Planner Purchased)
Meeting planners may purchase wireless for all of their attendees. Meydenbauer Center’s dedicated event wireless service provides easy internet access for up to 4,000 devices with download speeds up to 5 Mbps per user, as well as customizable SSIDs and landing pages, giving you the opportunity to brand the wireless with your event logo or the logo of a sponsor.

Custom Internet Connections
If the data requirements for your event attendees are high, or if simultaneous interactive data transmission is a desired element of your event, Meydenbauer Center may be able to configure a more robust custom wireless or wired network to accommodate your needs. Please contact your Guest Services Manager for additional information.

Download the resources to the left for additional information on the wireless network and best practices on communicating instructions on connecting to the network.

Contact Meydenbauer Center’s Guest Services team to set up wireless for your event at 425-637-1020 or sales@meydenbauer.com