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Sep 18

NW Royal Natural Bodybuilding Championships

Convention Center

NW Royal Natural Bodybuilding Championships

Sep 18

Convention Center


Ebie Nickerson
Phone: (206) 240-6795

A fun family-friendly event for all ages! Competitors showcase their hard work to achieve their best physique for the categories they’re competing in. Categories include Bodybuilding, Figure, Fit Body, Physique, & Bikini. We welcome everyone; friends, family, & neighbors please come out to cheer on and encourage our competitors. They’ve worked very hard to step out on that stage, and after this difficult year, they’re really looking forward to hearing you out there cheering for their success!
Each show includes prejudging and results. Prejudging is when competitors perform all mandatory poses for each class and are judged accordingly. Results are when competitors perform their routines to the music of their choice, the judging results are revealed, and they receive their trophies and awards! Lots of energy and music, feel free to cheer as much as you want, to keep the energy and excitement going for the competitors!


General Admission: $25.00


Meydenbauer Center