Thank you for exhibiting at Meydenbauer Center.  Meydenbauer Center is the exclusive provider of all telecommunications and electrical services for the facility.  Technical Services rates vary depending on when orders are placed.  To receive the advance rate pricing, this order must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event’s first move-in day.  All prices include 10.1% Washington State Sales Tax.  Please fill out the form below to order technical services for your booth.

We look forward to serving you.

Event Information

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Standard 110v Electrical Service

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
5 Amps = 600 Watts MaxRegular Duplex Outlet$79.27$91.38 $ 0
10 Amps = 1200 Watts maxRegular Duplex Outlet$109.00$125.51 $ 0
20 Amps = 2400 Watts maxRegular Duplex Outlet$256$343 $ 0

Production Electrical Service

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
100a (3 phase)208v 5-wire Cam-Lock (Turnarounds available)$865.39$898.42 $ 0
200a (3 phase)208v 5-wire Cam-Lock (Turnarounds available)$1734.08$2019.23 $ 0
Specialty Electrical ServicesPlease call (425.450.3730) for quoteCall for QuoteCall for Quote N/A$ 0
Electrician2 hour minimum. Call (425.450.3730) for quote.Call for QuoteCall for Quote N/A$ 0

Electrical Devices

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
Extension Cords / Plug Strips15 Amp Maximum Load$17.62$17.62 $ 0

Telecom Service

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
Telephone & Local LineDial "9" for Outside Line$203.69$203.69 $ 0
Polycom Conference Phone & Local LineDial "9" for Outside Line$198.18$226.81 $ 0

Shared Ethernet Service

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
3Mb DropNon-exclusive connection for light web browsing$181.67$231.21 $ 0
6Mb DropNon-exclusive connection for light streaming and web browsing$418.38$539.49 $ 0

High Speed Dedicated Data Service

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
1Mb – 9Mb (per Mb)DHCP, CAT5e$1012.92$1189.08 $ 0
10Mb – 19Mb (per Mb)DHCP, CAT5e$759.69$880.80 $ 0
20+ Mb (per Mb)DHCP, CAT5e$572.52$671.61 $ 0
Additional Drop$132.12$165.15 $ 0

Other Services

ServiceDeliveryAdvance RateStandard RateQuantitySubtotal
Additional Static IP$170.66$220.20 $ 0
24 Port Unmanaged Switch$62.76$81.47 $ 0
Water Fill or Drain ContainerPer Gallon$0.33$0.33 $ 0
Water Connection, 24-hour servicePer Gallon$0.33$0.33 $ 0
Compressed Air$205.89$205.89 $ 0
Meydenbauer Center